Personal Narrative: My Vacation To Disney World

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In April of 2007 my family went on a vacation to Disney World. One of the many places we went was a princess store. I was standing next to my mom mesmerized by a tall, pink princess castle. For a really long time we stood there before I went to ask my mom if we could get it. I turned to ask her, but as it turns out it wasn’t my mom. Consequently, I realized that wasn’t my mom, I got scared. I felt like a kid in a horror movie. The lady who I thought was her she told me I’m not your mom. Then she took me to the clerk, who asked me if I remembered what she was wearing. I told her I didn’t remember, but my dad was bald. The look on her face I will never forget. It looked like you didn’t at all. We looked everywhere in the store and there was
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