Personal Narrative: My Vacation To Punta Cana

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My Truth Essay
This year on Spring Break my family went on vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We went there a couple of times when I was younger, but I did not remember much. I want to share two things that were awesome, the food and the gift shops. I really enjoyed both of them because the food tasted delicious and the gift shops had a bunch of cool items such as chocolate, medication, beach towels, and a lot of expensive jewelry and antiques that just cost too much.
Now I am going to talk about the food that was very delicious and what the atmosphere of the buffet was like. The food at the resort was really delicious such as fresh pasta, moist fish, breakfast, juicy steak, seafood, and mouth watering dessert. I could also smell the
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The first gift shop that we went to was all about different kinds of Dominican chocolate which we tasted and it was delicious, the owner of the gift shop gave us that why-are-you-leaving-so-early kind of look. The second gift shop that we went to was a souvenir shop south of the last gift shop that had very expensive items in it so we did not buy anything from their. The third gift shop that we went to was medicine shop with different kinds of medicines like allergy medicine, Tums, and Motrin. The fourth gift shop that we went to was a jewelry and antique shop with lots of expensive items such as rings, necklaces, statues, and crystals. The fifth and final gift shop that we went to was a shop full of pool items such as sunscreen, towels, beach balls, and swimsuits. These are the five gift shops that I went to while I was at the Dominican Republic. Now that I am older this is a vacation that I will never forget and will always have great memories. Whenever I went to the buffet I was as hungry as a lion. I hope you had a fun time reading my essay and I hope this essay will encourage you to try going to the Dominican Republic for a vacation with your friends and
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