Personal Narrative: My Virginia Beach Mission Trip

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An event that has influenced me greatly has definitely been the mission trips I partake in every summer. I've went on one each summer starting in 2015, in which i hope to continue this for many more years. Throughout the many trips I've taken, I have learned that everyone deserves the same amount of help and respect. You never know just how far the little acts you do can go for others. My first trip was to Virginia Beach, I first thought that it would be all fun and games. Besides, I was going to a beach for a week, it's basically a vacation, right? After ending up at my destination, i quickly learned I would really be doing some work. I was assigned to work at a homeless shelter from 8 am until around 3 pm. When we got to the destination, I learned my group would be putting together new beds that were going into the new building that would allow 700+ homeless men stay. We also sorting clothing that would soon be given to the many men, women, and children. During the week, temperatures would hit over 100°F. I continuously complained that it was too hot out. But I survived the week and on my…show more content…
As well as how I cannot take things for granted because others are less fortunate and they do not even have the opportunities and amenities I am able to have. This gave me a new understanding of how others have to survive from day to day. From my first mission trip experience, I have gained a new understanding of how far your actions can go and how important it is to show care and compassion to others whether you know them or they are complete strangers. Danny Thomas once said, "Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others." This has stuck with me because I believe this shows how to succeed in life and not only grow as a person, but also gain knowledge on the world around
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