Personal Narrative: My Visit To Marietta Cobb Museum Of Art

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On November 10th I visited the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art. The museum is located in southern colonial building in Marietta Square. The building use to be a Post office back in 1910 but later became the art museum in 1990. The museum tries to focus on American art. The exhibit that I viewed was named Perception by artist David Kessler, John Petrey, and Isaac Payne. The exhibit is meant to show different point of views on how we perceive the world. The piece of artwork that stood out to me as I walked through the exhibit was entitled Bicycle Church. The artist who created this piece was Isaac Payne. Isaac Payne is a teacher and an artist from Charlotte NC. According to he teaches art at Wingate University. He grew up in Tacoma WA, and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Cleveland institute of Art. Isaac Payne describes his piece entitled Bicycle Church…show more content…
In this piece elements are unevenly distributed. The building on the right is balance by empty space on the left of it. The proximity of the man on the bike also gives it an asymmetrical look. There is more stuff to the right of the artwork which gives the right side more weight then the left. When you first look at this piece you eye is drawn to the red lines that make up the building. The building/architectural blue print is being emphasized the red lines are the lightest tone in the piece easily drawing your eye to it first. The building is also the largest thing in this piece of artwork which is another reason why it is the focal point. There is also the use of variety in the piece of art, the artist uses light and dark colors to contrast. There is also many lines and patterns that overlap each other; he also uses varying angles, curve, and straight lines throughout the piece. I believe there is unity in this particular piece the repetition of the horizontal, diagonal, and vertical lines came together to make and architectural
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