Personal Narrative: My Visit To New Mexico

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When I was growing up, my family went to New Mexico for several years. We would always drive south to reach Taos, New Mexico. The drive is the most beautiful I have seen in my life, and since its fall when we go, all the aspens have turned red, yellow and orange. After the relaxing and calming drive, we would arrive in Taos, New Mexico. Right away I knew I was in a small town, because it has one main street. Almost every building in New Mexico has some type of adobe presentation once you get to Taos, even the local 7-11. There are great areas for walking, loads of restaurants, shops, and art galleries to see in Taos. I remember smelling the burning wood from household stoves. The smell makes me think of fall every time I smell it. My family would always stop at the Kachina Lodge for the night.…show more content…
The dancers would let us touch their outfits, which are not to be called costumes. The craftsmanship and creativity of the regalia worn by every dancer was exquisite; nothing less than wearable works of art. The regalia the dancers wear is priceless, and often passed down through generations. The regalia have soft, fuzzy eagle feathers, beads and bells. Eagle feathers are sacred to Native Americans as they represent, among other symbols, their fallen warriors. When an eagle feather falls to the ground it must be cleansed before it can be retrieved, otherwise they believe they risk disgracing their ancestors and possibly endangering the health of the one who dropped it. The Native dancers always took time to answer any questions, and would often teach some of the dances. I still remember the rain dance many years
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