Personal Narrative: My Volunteer Experience At Big Brother Big Sister

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The place that I decided to do my volunteer experience was at Big Brother Big Sister. I choose this place because I was involved in the Big Brother Big Sister program when I was a kid. My experience that I had at the program was great, the people who ran the company were very inviting and very enthused that I had come in to volunteer for their program. The experience was very exciting because I was able to see how much the organization had grown. The mission statement that Big Brother Big Sister organization is “To build trusting and enduring relationships that encourage and support young people.” This mission statement meant so much too because when I was growing up the big sister that I had made me feel as though she was the big sister that I never had and really build a trusting relationship with me. This mission state suits this organization well because their…show more content…
Big Brother Big Sister is a non-profit organization that uses foundations and corporate sponsors help with Big Brother Big Sister by matching the mentors with children who are in need of guidance and a support system. The organization is funded by sources such as Memory Makers, Magic Makers, Match Makers, Smile Maker and Moment Makers. Each of these foundations assist with donating money to the organization, so that they are able to higher mentors to help children and to keep the program up and running. Big Brothers Big Sister is ran by a board of directors. Catherine Huerta, President, Craig Fourchy Foundation Board President, Pete Vander Poel Vice President, Josh Giosa Treasurer, Gina Estrada Secretary each of these people play a huge role in the organization and to ensure that the program is ran properly and the each of their employees up hold the standards of the

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