Personal Narrative: My Way Back To The Dental Office

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I make my way into the office to change into my scrubs. I wash my hands, look in the mirror and think, “Today is the day I can make a difference.” I make my way back to the lab and prepare for the next patient. With each step, I can feel my independence growing. This is not how I originally saw my position at the dental office. The largest step I have taken to become an adult was taking on my first job at Versailles Dental as the office and lab assistant. When I agreed to the position, I saw dollar signs. I could almost feel the cold, hard cash in my hands. After each day, I became less excited about the money. I found myself changing as I restocked rooms, learned my way around the equipment, and gained responsibility I was becoming…show more content…
With nearly 250 hours dedicated to community service over the past 4 years, I have seen the affects a single person can have on others. A minuet act of kindness can change a person’s day. However, I have seen that it is not always the hours of volunteer service or giant donations that leave the largest impact. Some of the most life-changing experiences are overlooked due to their simplicity. These deeds can be range in intensity, but I have found that some of the most meaningful acts are those that take no money and hardly any time to complete. Taking the extra time to help a friend or the neighbors across the street can send a ripple of kindness across the world. Something as simple as a compliment can boost a person’s self-esteem. Every Wednesday evening I dedicate 2 hours of my night to tutoring students K-6 in all subjects. I dedicate my time individuals in hopes to change their outlook and to inspire them to pass on the kindness. Each of us can cast a stone of kindness across the water to set a ripple of change washing across the world. I have taken it upon myself to cast my stone across the water, to begin my own ripple of kindness. I plan to continue this idea throughout my life. I will make a difference in the others’ lives because I know the power of a smile, compliment, laugh, and an ear to listen. I know my own power to make a difference in the world without spending a dime. As I find my way through college, in an attempt to budget my own expenses, I will find the resources to invest in others. It takes a small act of kindness to cause a notable ripple of change. Let me cast my stone into the pool of change. By investing in my future, you are giving back to
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