Personal Narrative: My Way To The Field

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“Know this, you can start over, each morning.” - Tyler Joseph. It was soccer practice and I was making my way to the field. I was about seven or eight years old. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t make that one shot. It was almost impossible at first. That day I had soccer practice. The air had a sticky feeling. I ran to the field with my water bottle in my hand. My water bottle was ice, it was freezing my hand. I got there and was greeted by my teammates and coach. “Hey Daphne!” my coach and teammates greeted. “Hey!” I cheered back with a smile on my face. Then, I began to stretch, the field felt like a green carpet. After we finished stretching, we started to practice our passing. Everything started out great, but eventually, we started shooting.…show more content…
“Well, that did not help.” my mind slightly anxious. Lastly, I tried shooting once more, but, the ball jumped off the goal post. Practice ended, as a result, I went home very irritated. It was Saturday morning, but not any ordinary morning, it was game day. It was the second half and I wanted to score a goal. 5 people were kicking the ball all at the same time. Suddenly, the ball bounced out of the crowd of people. Coincidentally, they didn’t notice when it went to me and I kicked the ball. Sweat was pouring down my face as I hit the ball and resulted in the fact that I made an amazing goal with absolutely no angle. The ball ricocheted off of my foot, and somehow, the ball managed to go from the bottom right of the goal all the way to the top left of the goal, which made everyone gasp in shock. “Oh my gosh! I just scored an amazing goal!” I thought to myself as everyone cheered. I smiled to myself and we ended up winning the game. My team’s cheering followed me as I happily ran to the car. I learned something that day, not simply to not give up, but that waiting takes time. Nevertheless, practice makes the closest to perfect you can get, because nothing is perfect. Sometimes, when something doesn’t go your way, it may seem like nothing will ever work, but when you least expect it, everything will be
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