Personal Narrative: My Weaknesses As A Writer

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Prior to writing this paper, my expertise as a writer still appeared to be on a High School level; however, upon completion of this reflection paper I feel as if I have learned a completely new technique on how to write a paper. I have learned how to be patient with a paper and obey a certain type of writing process, rather than trying to gather all of the components for my paper at the last possible second. Through these innovative techniques and this new writing process this paper has exposed some of my greatest strengths as a writer; consequently, this paper has also uncovered some of my major weaknesses as a writer. Throughout my stretch of four years in High School, writing was always one of my biggest enemies, but what made this even worse was my lack of knowledge on how the writing process essentially worked.…show more content…
Another one of my biggest weaknesses as a writer is my usage of Punctuation and Capitalization; therefore, there were a couple of times where I did not capitalize the names of particular people, or the names of particular places. Although paragraph unity and punctuation are two of my foremost weaknesses, my biggest weakness out of them all is my comma usage. There were multiple occasions in my paper where I placed a comma and it was not necessary; on the other hand, there were also multiple instances in my paper where my usage of commas was completely absent. Although I have many strengths and many weaknesses as a writer there are always different devices I can use to improve both my strengths and my weaknesses. Through the usage of these different devices such as Paper Rater and Online Dictionary I anticipate to continue my growth as a college level
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