Personal Narrative: My Week Before Eastern Kentucky University

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Ready (or Not) for College The week before Eastern Kentucky University started, I found myself being appreciative for the people and experiences that God had placed in my life to prepare me for this stage in life. Last year, I did not want to take a gap year but after my parents persistent and reasoning I decided it would be better follow their advice. Now I am extremely grateful that I did take a year off as it would 've been very overwhelming, especially with moving from overseas, adapting to the new environment while working and attending school. One way I was prepared for college is from the knowledge and skills that I learned in high school. My former high school is called, YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College,…show more content…
In many of my classes I learned to write essays and thoroughly research my assigned topics. High school has also taught me to open-minded and friendly toward others by going out of my comfort zone. The most important things I learned from high school is being able to study on my own as well as teach myself outside of school. My former high school 's curriculum was set by the British Cambridge University with it 's main focus on students passing their final exams. Therefore, during exam time, I learned to organized my study periods as well the materials I studied. I believe this has helped me to mentally organize my college assignments as well as manage my priorities. There are many ways I have prepared myself for college. One of them being mental prepared such as having a positive attitude and making sure I put full effort and attention in what I do.One other way, my mother 's help, I have prepared my self is purchasing school materials, such as a planner, binders, etc. to make sure all my materials and papers are organized and accessible, so that I wouldn 't be confused or stressed when school

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