Personal Narrative: My Welding Project

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I decided on my project by my first idea not pulling through and then I figured that my welding teacher had a project that needed to get done and since I took weld 1-2 and metal fab I am very qualified to do so . Mr. Kennedy did have a project to build a dunk tank for a co-e so that is what I am doing The first step that I need to do was go online for a few models types that Mr. Kennedy could see and that Mr. Compagna could approve it. Then we went back to the computer to find out the measurements of the whole thing which Mr. Campagna thought it was a bit small so instead of 64 inches tall it will be 72 inches instead. I found my mentor by looking around. I had a few ideas that I could do and he just so happened to have a project that i could…show more content…
One reason why communication is being improved is because I’m not a very talkative person and rarely converse with some to get information and this project is going to take a lot of that. Self-motivation because for the most part of my life I’ve been told what to do and how to do it and all of the work that I’m going to be doing is 100% me. Commitment is another thing; lately I’ve been doing stuff half way and then starting a new thing. Responsibility will be a factor in this because I will have to do thing on time and if I don’t do it I’m going to have to take the responsibility and take the punishment for it. Safety will be improved by me working in the shop and using big machinery to build the dunk tank which each machine uses its own safety protocol; so to not get hurt I will have to follow them so I don’t get hurt. Well the next few steps for this project are draw a 3-dimention drawing of the project let Mr. Kennedy look over them to get approved; then the next thing would be order the material to build it; after that I will start building to the best of my capabilities. And finally do all the paper work and other stuff along the
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