Personal Narrative: My Whole Basketball Team

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It was the big day. The last time our whole basketball team would play for the Gold Crown League. The last day our team would be an actual team. My whole basketball team had been working our hardest to improve 4 years to make it into the final championship round in Gold Crown basketball. This final year we were determined to do anything in our power to make it to the final championship round. For three years our team was able to make it to the semifinals, but always fail to advance to the final championship game. Before the semi-final game coach Jen had said, "go out there and show the other team that you won 't go down without a fight." That 's exactly what we did, we went out and played the hardest we ever played before. For the first time ever our team Advanced to the final championship round. Within just one hour of the single elimination tournament we played in we would be facing against the hardest team in our whole week. This team was known for being very aggressive. Something my team work to…show more content…
With only 2 minutes left in the game we were only six points behind them. The strategy we had was to continue fouling them so it stopped the clock and gave us a better chance to score a few points. The strategy backfired and left me incredibly injured. I tried to reach for the basketball and pulled at it throwing me on the floor and the other player right on top of me, breaking two of my ribs. Even today I remember the sound of my ribs cracking, it was the sound of a tree branch that was just stepped on. It was the worst pain I 've ever felt. I got up and managed to finish the rest of the game due to the adrenaline I had. Not only till after the game is when I really felt the pain my ribs was causing. We didn 't win the game but still successfully reach our objective that we had worked three years to get to. Even though we didn 't win this would be a game we would treasure
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