Personal Narrative: My World History Class

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While at Nashoba, I have only had a few classes that have caused so much distress as my freshman World History class. I left eighth grade with a huge ego in history, but that was middle school and Mr. Sakellarion’s class was a whole new ballpark. Looking back, I should have dropped to accelerated and gotten an easy a, but my pride and love for that class got the better of me, and my grade. For those of you who were wise enough to stick with accelerated, Mr. Sakellarion’s tests and quizzes caused severe anxiety, breakdowns and stress from most of his students, however the day to day classes made that stress worthwhile. From the first test up until the final I struggled in that class, scraping by with mostly C’s and the rare and glorified B…show more content…
Why did I stay in the class? What picked me up after a bad grade? Well, I love history for one and knew Mr. Sak was a good teacher, and that the class would be a good experience overall. I wanted to learn the specific details of old ancient events, and discover fun facts of the different cultures of the world. This interest in world history propelled me to study harder and later into the night so as to avoid disappointing grades. But more importantly I felt a strong connection with my classmates, everyday was a new inside joke and several off-topic discussions and total disruption of the class by one (or more) students. Leaving that class would have been sad, one because I would feel I bailed out while they persevered through the class, but also because through that class I made some of my best friends, and have some of my favorite memories of high school. Honors World History was one of the hardest classes I have taken at Nashoba, and my grades would have probably been better if I had dropped to a lower level, but I continued with this challenging class because I loved my class, the teacher and the material, and because of that class I was able to pursue a variety of classes and
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