Personal Narrative: My Wrestling Mats

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ring my senior year of high school, I had a wrestling rival during my senior wrestling season by the name of Frankie Negrini. My rival was from a rival town called Pompton Lakes that my team would always have intense matches against. This kid had always beat me by maybe one point or even two points. The kid always was one step ahead of me every time we stepped on the wrestling mat. The many times I had loss to him it just made my confidence just go down the drain a lot of the time. My first time Frankie and I had wrestled against each other it was during the first tournament during the season in the semi-finals. The match was a very close one it was a five point to three point match which he had won. Frankie had just dominated the match with his strength and not by his wrestling ability it just made me realize I had to work harder in wrestling practice and the weight…show more content…
Everyone was waiting for that match because we had such unique wrestling styles and it was also the finals match for first place in the 195 pound bracket. I knew that I could win this match because I was ready to wrestle him and knew what I had to do to win. So, Frankie and I had a good close battle and I was losing in the end by 6 points and I knew with such short time on the clock that I needed to pin him to win. I knew I had to hit a good move so I went for a headlock and got it but the referee called it a pin when the buzzer went out so I had lost by a point. Even though I lost I knew I had gotten into his head mentally because I didn’t see him since he ran into the locker room mad because I had embarrassed him and since he knew he was very lucky to get the win. Since I knew I had one or two more chance to wrestle Nerine in the state tournament in two weeks I felt I had brought him down a little bit mentally which I could use to my
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