Personal Narrative: My Writing As A Writer

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As a "writer" I 've found my writing style to be more of a put together flourish of words and thoughts that in another 's opinion might seem like it never left the drafting stage (besides the few grammatical edits and big words to make it seem like it was written by someone smart). I went through a stage of writing in purely second person, and because of that I lost the ability to respect the need of more emotional descriptiveness. I 've gotten embarrassed to write in that context and end up passing it up for more serious tones that just don 't get my writing anywhere extraordinary. I want to gain confidence in my writing so I can go the places I want to go with it, while also learning to keep it organized and in line with my exact thoughts. My thoughts seem to provide a more well-laid out idea than my actual writing does. As a reader I 'll be dedicating my concentration as well as I can to your written word because everyone deserves that kind of respect plain and simple.…show more content…
Something that is important amongst both writers and readers is support of course, and in that support should be both patience and constructive criticism. They go hand in hand, because without the other you completely diminish the concept of support. A reader needs patience with a writer who can 't quite grasp the concept of their mistake off the bat, and a writer needs patience with a reader who won 't stop pointing out a flaw you 've already caught onto. Patience is a gentle thing and it 's mandatory for all writers, because regardless of your own option (as a writer) you 're incredibly delicate. However, blatant patience only goes so far, and by critiquing someone 's work you 're giving it to them straight. This is what helps them grow into what they desire to be as a writer. By putting two and two together, I think you can imagine how such a fitting ideal will lead
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