Personal Narrative: My Writing Experience In High School

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During school, I was taught the basic information with writing such as starting with an introduction, moving onto the body paragraphs, and finishing off with a conclusion. However, in general, writing is not particularly my strongest subject. My high school experience with writing was good at times because my class and I wrote a whole lot of essays, and I got more familiar with the different formats and styles. While spending my next four years at Florida A&M University I desire to obtain more information and spend more time writing so I will be able to get better. The first week of school was fun and stressful, however, the writing experience in class was very interesting. As a class, we free wrote about our emotions twice in our notebooks. I love free writing because you personally don’t even know what you are going to write about. Also, we talked about the writing process steps. I don’t really go through each step, however, I hope to start because it seems to make everything easier. I normally start off just drafting and skip to editing and processing the essay in my head by reading it out loud so I can catch on to the flow so I can fix my mistakes if necessary.…show more content…
All in all, I do get a lot of compliments on my writing. Yes, everyone struggles with something. Other than not going through each writing process step, my next struggle in writing would be my flow. I tend to repeat myself a vast amount which can really become extremely aggravating and annoying at times. Also, when I repeat myself my flow then becomes very choppy at times. When I start getting choppy and when I repeat myself, I tend to run out of things to say. In the future for this course, I just hope as a writer I will be able to have a smooth flow and not repeat myself so many
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