Personal Narrative: My Year In Geometry Honor

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Through examination of the previous sophomores’ advice and my own predictions of the year to come, I have formulated a definitive set of goals I would like to accomplish in Algebra II Honors this year. Looking back at my past year in Geometry Honors, I have recognized many improvements I need to make to my personal studying habits to reach my full potential and excel in this course. Last year, I was slow to ask for help, many times waiting until it was too late to come to my teacher and ask them to explain the concepts on which I was still a bit fuzzy. This year I am making it one of my personal goals to work harder to fully comprehend the mathematical concepts and ask for assistance as soon as I start noticing a problem. I also would like to make it a goal to stay much more organized this…show more content…
My binder last year was messier than Donald Trump’s hairdo (on a good day), but this year I strive to keep a neat, organized, and well-labeled binder, as well as well-arranged notes and work. I purchased a pack of binder dividers and intend to keep separate sections for handouts, notes, homework, and corrected tests/follow-ups. I intend to keep up a rigorous study schedule and review the day’s notes every night we have algebra class. My goal for this year is to end with a ninety plus average and as long as I stay organized, study regularly, complete and submit all of my homework on time, utilize outside tools to help me with my work, thoroughly analyze and finish test corrections, and review for all tests and quizzes, I fully believe I will be able to achieve this goal. Last year, something that really helped me out was my teacher staying afterschool the day before we had a test to review the chapter’s material and go over the answers on the study guide with the students who stay after. I was wondering if you would be able to do this, as it would be a great help and greatly appreciated. I look forward to learning all that I can in your course
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