Personal Narrative: My Year In High School

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I thought that grades were easy to start by then as the weeks went on the grades started to get harder. Lunch was a little different for me because it was earlier then my lunch last year. Classes are the same except my math and language arts teacher other wise I knew what the teacher would expect from me. Once first quarter was over I had relied that it was my last first quarter at RMS. I asked my mom if she had realized that it was my last first quarter at RMS and she had not realized it either. Once I told her this she got sad and said my little baby is growing up. I had just thought to myself 3 quarters to go until I am at the high school. I got all excited on the inside. Ok let me talk about my year so far. My year so far has been good. I have made new friends, made new groups in school such as student council, and had new teachers. I have also found new ways to get around school faster or get from class to class faster. I have loved making new friends and meeting new teachers but I still have some of the same teachers from last year along with some of the same friends as last year.…show more content…
This year is also different because the class are harder and the grades are different.
My year has been could and I have had good grades. Have been hard at work and have kept all my assignments on date. I make sure to use my free time and invent to my avante by doing work at these times. Doing work in intent and free time in class gives you less to do at home. This helps me out in the long
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