Personal Narrative: My Year Of High School Basketball

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Throughout my years of participating in high school basketball, I have overcome many challenges. My freshmen year, basketball started in a way I never expected. Continuing on, I understood the real meaning of hard work, and what it takes. Lessons I learned in basketball will carry on throughout my life, helping me to become a successful adult. It all began my freshman year. Every single day I would come to practice and guard Jordyn Sindt. I rarely acquired the chance to play on the offensive side. The underclassmen always played defense, that way the older girls could perfect their offense. Reflecting back, this never really bothered me because I considered defense my strong suit. Guarding Jordyn brought my skills to the next level. She was…show more content…
This was a huge step for me considering I did not even start JV a year ago. Although my dream came true by playing varsity with the upperclassmen, I did not want to stop there. I continued to listen to coach’s tips and work on my ball handling skills during practice. While my sophomore year consisted of more of a learning experience from playing JV, to adjusting and playing at the varsity level, I grew as a player and a person; I remained proud of what I accomplished. Time passed and before I realized it, my junior season arrived. I took my passion for the game and really honed in on my skills. I continued to bust my butt in practice, trying to make my teammates and myself better. Before I know it, the first game passes and I break the school record for most rebounds in a single game with seventeen. Even though I could not accomplish anything without my team, it felt amazing to excel in a sport that I love. My junior year remained full of success when I became the leading player in almost every aspect of the game: most points per game, most rebounds per game, most blocked shots, etc. Even with my great success I remained humble because of my rough beginning during my freshmen
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