Personal Narrative: My Year Of Playing Basketball

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“Hey remember that one time” ---Wait you weren’t there so how do you know my times in basketball , well I’m gonna tell you about the times I’ve had throughout my year of basketball. First thing first, I didn 't want to play basketball in the first place , neither did my parents want me to and I surely didn’t know how to play. Until this guy named John who was the girl 's basketball coach for Strain- Japan School came along. John standed and asked, “ Would you like to play basketball?”, I said , “ Well I’ve never played before and I have to make sure that my parents are ok with it.” So we were at a school event anyway, so John asked them and my father at first said no. But sooner or later he finally said yes. John wanted me to play…show more content…
Well, here’s a story that can go with that , one time when we were doing down and backs using these shirts to slide on the floor to do some kind of bear crawl and what happened was that I wasn’t looking up and I collided with one of the girls on the team and I hit my head on the white- speckled tile floor. After that I had a huge knot on my head , I was lightheaded, dizzy and felt like I wanted to throw up, but I was fine and still had that knot there for a couple of…show more content…
Another moment I remember was this one game , it was a home game at Strain- Japan. I kind of had an incident with a doorknob a lot that night. So let me explain my story here , we were playing the game as usual until the ball was about to be knocked out and it was touched by one of our team members. So what like any other person tries to do is get the ball, but the part of that was there was a door with a doorknob, so when I knocked the ball in I hit my back where my kidney is, on the doorknob which was very painful. The funny part is the next game I did the exact same thing again. If you don 't know yet I’m kind of a clumsy person.

Throughout those years of basketball I’ve always been called Z which I got that nickname from my coaches John and Randy. It was just shorted for Zariah so my coaches didn’t have to yell my full name, Z was my name to them. I will still have that nickname throughout my years of sports. My years at Strain - Japan has many memories that I will cherish for a long time.
Now I’ve only played one year in high school so far and it 's been a great experience to learn about what mistakes I made, the new people that I have met and many new memories that I will cherish with my
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