Personal Narrative: My Zombie Apocalypse

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waking up this morning I didn’t think ,I would be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse by the third hour. As my zombie classmates surround me, I climb on the cabinets that stand beside me. I break the picture frame that sits beside me and smash it. Taking a piece of glass I shove it in the temple of my friend rob. He falls and I have a small window to escape. I make my way down the hall cautious and quiet. I make it to the landing, grab a backpack and find on the floor a pack full of water and food. Looking around I find a box cutter and break the window leading to the roof. As I Start to climb, a zombie grabs my foot and I fall spraining my wrist. I battle him shove the box cutter in his head, smearing his blood on my cloths masking my smell

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