Personal Narrative: Myrna In Nicaragua

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Making her way through the kitchen over to the family room area, Myrna calmly sits down on the couch and folds her hands into her lap. We sit down across from each other on her leather sofa, and she waits patiently for the interview to begin. With a passion in her eyes, a thick Nicaraguan accent, and a heartfelt tone she begins to tell me about her childhood in Nicaragua. “It was awesome,” she exclaims “I loved it, I loved my childhood, I think I have great memories of my childhood,” she was smiling, and recalling her days in Nicaragua. She enjoyed many things in Nicaragua, her friends, her all girls Catholic school, “and everything about it,” she was expressing. In 1979 when the Nicaraguan Civil War broke out, Myrna was only twelve. “It was horrible, scary...terrifying,” she said looking back “there were lots of bombs, gunfire, and curfews.”…show more content…
She explains that ‘his loving, giving personality, and his compassion,” is what motivated her through hard times. The Nicaraguan culture is different from our culture so Myrna was mostly raised by her grandparents, and nannies, which she explained “they influenced my life the most.” This shows why she is inspired by her grandfather throughout her life. Her parents were ‘compassionate, and very loving,’ but they were not a huge part of her upbringing, only her grandparents were. While explaining the different culture she was reminiscing about what her life used to be like. Before long, Myrna was headed to America. The idea was that she would stay with a relative while the Nicaraguan Civil War was happening. All she brought was a few items and a sense of worry as she entered the states. She lived in Miami, Florida, and little did she know-she would be staying here permanently. This was because Myrna's parents had also ended up coming to Miami and had traded everything they had owned, for a new unfamiliar life in
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