Personal Narrative-Native American

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“Ma 'am, I 'm gonna try my hardest ta keep myself straight. I might’ve fell off the wagon, but I’s got back up, didn 't I?”
“Yes, sir, you sure did!“
“And, I’s a keep pickin’ myself up as long as I has y’all ta lean on…”
“I talked with Henry last night and we have decided to move up to Cherokee County. There is a majestic waterfall at a place called Little River Canyon- I want to live near it,” she told Jeremiah. “Doesn’t that sound like a great place to live and raise our family?”
“Yes’um, it do; but what the heck is it with you and the Cherokee name, Missy- is it because you is part Indian,” he asked.
“Well, I am three quarters Cherokee and although I might not live amongst my people; I feel closeness with them when I am in the places
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Jeremiah was glad to see her so happy; his spirit was lifted and it made him happy too.
It would be three months before they moved, but the months seemed to fly by. Charity assured Henry that she and little Cynthia, were ready to travel. The nearer the time came to leave, the more excited and high spirited Charity felt. Her excitement and good feelings turned into anxiousness as the time neared for them to leave. When they were loaded and finally on their way, she felt a tinge of fear of the unknown- however, spring was in full-bloom; she enjoyed being out in it and smelling the fragrance of spring!

Riding on the wagon seat beside Jeremiah, Charity said, “My moods seem to be as varied as the sunsets these days.”
“Yes’um, I noticed… We ought ta be to them falls, in another day or so.”
“I wish Henry and Uriah hadn 't left ahead of us, but I understand he needed to find a job and a seeing about a place for us to live.”
“That be a good man you got there.”
“Yes, sir, I know he is… I just hate him being separated from the rest of the family. Hopefully, we’ll all be together once we get there. And, to tell the truth, I really miss not having John here
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“Now, don 't go and get yerself all triturated,” Jeremiah chuckled.
“You’re enough to cause someone to be constipated! Why are you grinning like a jackass eating briars, as Henry would say?”
“How old was you and Henry when y 'all got hitched up?”
Seeing where he was going with that question, Charity stuttered, “But that 's different,” she stammered.
“How 's it different?” asked Jeremiah, “You thought you was grown up enough ta get married at fifteen. Heck, John be older than you and Henry was. He 'll be fine- you gotta cut them apron strings and let ‘em go when they is ready ta fly solo; ye caint keep ‘em in the nest forever.”
They rode along in silence, for a mile or so and then Jeremiah asked, “What 'd Henry say the name of that place they was going to look for work?”
“Gaylesville,” Charity replied. “He said its at the confluence of the Chattooga River and Little River. We were supposed to stay due north when we left town. He said we 'd have to go around a lake, cross the river, and then come back down some.”
“Well, “ said Jeremiah with satisfaction, “I believe we has made it to the lake he told us we‘d have ta go around.”
“I believe you 're right. Its getting late in the day- I think we should make camp here for the
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