Personal Narrative: New Born Babies

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New born babies I might have said that I didn’t like kids, but that didn’t go for new born babies. I actually love them they are so small and precious and they are easy to handle. My liking for them is the reason why I want the career I choose when I grow up which is a neonatal nurse. I know being a neonatal nurse deal with more than just babies, but it close so that what I’m going for. Babies to me are really easy to watch, I really don’t care too much about waking up at midnight or any time of the night because I kind of do that now.
The reason I like babies so much is because my family is big which means that lots if my cousins and auntie and uncles have kids, and my granny used to have a daycare so when I got out of school I used to help her all the time. Babies to me don’t cry as much as toddlers do the most they do is eat, sleep, and poop.
Another thing I like about them is that they are really quiet, and they don’t know how to walk so I wouldn’t have to worry about chasing them around, or them wandering off to places they are not supposed to be. Since I hate going to parks, I wouldn’t have to worry about taking them or them asking to go.
I also think it’s easy to take them to stores with me because
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When I found out I was going I was pretty excited because some people said that they didn’t know how to ice skate and since I thought it was a lot like roller skating I knew I was going to do good. I was bragging to people about how it was going to be easy for me because I knew how to skate really good already. The day had finally come when I went the instructor went over the rules and what we should and shouldn’t do. When everyone was allowed to go on the ice I think I was a little too excited. As soon as I stepped on the ice, I feel. I didn’t really count that as nothing because I had lost my balance. I got back up and when I did get up I still didn’t get it
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