Personal Narrative: Newark Tech Vocational School

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Have you ever been so close to a goal but you lack of confidence wouldn’t let you fly? Growing up, I have never been the most confident person, which has caused me to fail certain things. The time when I experienced a failure was when I didn’t get accepted into Newark Tech Vocational School. My family moved to from Miami, Florida to Irvington, New Jersey during the summer of 2012 due to financial issues. The move was like a fresh start, which I certainly wasn’t elated about. The only place that I have ever resided in was Miami, Florida so moving meant that I had to go to new schools and meet make new friends. Surprisingly, I made friends with people within the first two weeks and they are still my close friends going on three years. Despite having made friends, there was always a void in my heart. At school, I would sit in class wishing that my father was still alive or that I was still living in Miami. Simultaneously, I let society get into my head making me believe that I was worthless. I was never comfortable in my own skin. Sometimes I would also follow my friends around by not completing my classwork or homework. All these factored in the downfall of my grades.…show more content…
My friends and I decided to apply to Newark Tech. Out of all my friends; I was the only one who passed my entrance exam. Newark Tech even brought me back to take placement tests for honor classes in math and English. I thought I would definitely get accepted. During my interview, I was super shy and I spoke in a low tone. Throughout the whole interview I just was not confident. The vice principal told me to get my grades up in math and I would be accepted. Of course I said yes, but that never happened. I continued to behave the same way throughout the rest of the school year, following my
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