Personal Narrative-No-Named Girl

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No Named Girl There was a little girl walking through the woods with red combat boots with holes in them. They were her favorite shoes nevertheless. The little girl had white hair, as white as snow with lips as red as a rose. Her hair was matted down with split ends. Her shirt was too loose on her and wrinkled. In addition to her shirt, the little girl was wearing tight black faux leather pants that came to her ankles. This little girl looked windswept. In conclusion she was unkempt. All of those things didn 't stick out about her, it was her eyes. Her eyes were vivid and bold. They were luminous. If you look in her eyes you can see all the pain and sorrow. They say your eyes are windows to your soul. I would hate to see her sole many would say.…show more content…
It has been said that she has malady. That 's why she has white hair. No ones knows her name. No one knows her story. No one knows if the legend is malign or valid for no one has ever set foot in the woods for two centuries. That all changed one Halloween night in Michigan, 1994. Saloane moved to Michigan last week. Saloane grew up in New York City. She was raised in the hood by herself. If you were to ask her old friends to describe her they would say ¨She 's the toughest person I know¨,¨She 's never scared¨, ¨She can do anything¨, some might even say ¨Saloane is never gregarious but she always segregate herself. That 's what they would say about Saloane. Saloane had no parents to raise her so she spent all her time running away from the orphan homes. When Saloane moved to Michigan she could not fathom that none would enter the woods on Halloween
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