Personal Narrative-Nora Sloan As A Newborn Photographer

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As a newborn photographer, I see my share of beautiful, cuddly infants, but Nora Sloan with her cap of dark hair was a definite joy for me to photograph. What a sweet, little bundle she was at only 8 days old. Nora Sloan's name comes from her grandmother who passed a few years ago. I believe she'll certainly have an angel on her shoulder.

Her parents, Steven and Jennifer, have been together since high school. It was a touching moment for me as their newborn photographer to capture their love brought to fruition in the form of their lovely, little girl. Weighing in at 6 pounds and 4 ounces, the two high school sweethearts brought their little girl into the world on December first.

The new parents didn't want to decorate the nursery in a traditional color. They decided on a beautiful lilac and grey that will keep up with little Nora Sloan for many years as she grows. As a newborn photographer, I try to incorporate nursery colors into the theme and the poses. It was a treat for me to use a knitted lilac shade from Riley's Mom Makes Hats and a crocheted gray piece I've had in my collection. This is one of my favorite shots of the session.
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Who wouldn't adore the loving mother holding her tiny infant? You can see the pride and love in Jennifer's face as she holds baby Nora. It's easy to see the pure infatuation and precious magic that surrounds the two of them in this photograph.

I was honored to be chosen to photograph the adorable new addition to Steven and Jennifer's family. I wish them all the love they deserve in their lives including the life of little Nora Sloan. Thank you for choosing me to be your newborn
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