Personal Narrative: North Atlanta High School's Team

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A team in Concord, Calif., has had a win streak of 151 games. North Atlanta High School 's team can barely pull off three wins this season. The Spartans have had plenty of perfect seasons. North Atlanta closest time ever in the school’s history was to getting a perfect season was going 7-3 in 2010.The team from California doesn 't know the meaning of defeat.North Atlanta barely knows the feeling of winning. Although they are having a struggling season, things have been better that past seasons. The players don 't give up their fighting spirit. “Mostly the desire we all have is to get more wins than last year” said Jack Ferguson, the quarterback on the team. Recently on Oct. 9th the warriors had a last minute win against region foe Central …show more content…

The football players aren 't only getting hurt by the other team, they are also getting some grief from other students around the school. “Sometimes on Mondays people will come up and say ‘Y’all sucks.’ but I typically say ‘Why don 't you come out and play and make us better?” said Saleh The team has other problems too such as a lack of players which hurts them as the season progresses. If a player gets injured and they don 't have a backup then they will have to put a player that doesn 't usually play that position. The team 's lack of players also causes the players to play more and get more tired. The team has focused in practice on conserving energy for the late game. This training can be shown by a recent game against region foe Central Forsyth. The team was losing by 19 points by the fourth quarter. The players pushed and the game went into overtime and North Atlanta tied 33 to 33. They pulled out an amazing overtime victory of 39 to 33. The small amount of players does enable them to be closer with each other. “We go through everything together.” said Saleh “We have long practices every day. It can be a long season together. We play for the school but more than that, we play for each other. I love these guys. They are my

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