Personal Narrative: Not Knowing Your Biological Father

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It 's hard growing up not knowing your biological father. You try to pretend it doesn 't bother you, but it does. Eventually you get so fed up with the ache that you search. My parents always said that I could look for my dad when I turned eighteen, basicly graduating from high school. So this is how i challenged that belief/idea and found my biological father. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Over the years I knew that I was adopted, I knew who my mom was, but I didn 't know my dad or who he was. So for a while I didn 't care. Then as I went into my teens I started to feel like something was missing, and I realized it was the fact that I didn 't know my dad but of course I didn 't show that it bothered me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…show more content…
then decided I that I was going to find my father. Luckily my mom showed him to me on Facebook. I looked him up and found my father, I proceeded to send him a friend request, He accepted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had a million questions But the biggest one was, Why? Why did he leave? Why didn 't he stay in contact? None of these questions I asked. Instead I heard what he had to say. i just wanted to know about him, to see what he had to say.
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