Personal Narrative: Not-So-Famous American Garter Snakes

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Virtually every individual residing on this planet can use a select grouping of words to encompass their entire life. For me, these words are nothing other than “curiosity killed the cat.” There are a plethora of instances where I have taken my curiosity to unbeknownst levels, but the genuine curiosity that I exhibit undoubtedly goes unnoticed. Nonetheless, having a curious spirit is extremely important to me. Ever since I have gained the ability to walk, thus allowing me to grasp nearly anything to fulfill the desires of a small child, I have been inquisitive about the aspects of the world and how they work. Nearly every child puts a conglomeration of possibly disease-ridden objects into their mouth, but I took the idea of natural curiosity to a…show more content…
When I was at the ripe age of three, for example, I lived in an area that was a hybrid between rural and suburban. The ever-so-popular American Garter Snakes completely engulfed our backyard. One day, a snake was entangled in the mesh fence that we used to protect our garden. When my father informed me of this, I immediately sprung to my feet to see what the coming events would entail. As he slipped on his garden gloves and delicately cut the fence to free the writhing snake, I watched closely. Although young children are taught to be afraid of snakes and other perilous creatures, fear was overshadowed by curiosity. As soon as the sun rose on the following day, I snatched a pair of garden gloves and a few five-gallon ice cream pails. I informed my parents that I was going outside; they did not have even the slightest inkling of what I was about to do. It was impossible to keep myself from knowing more

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