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We were parked outside petco to pick up a few things before our long drive to Claremont. I was sitting at the back seat, trying to make myself comfortable. I was careful not squish Tonks who decided to curl up next to carrier and take a nap. She had been mewling a few minutes ago, anxious to get out of her cat carrier and have a look around. Tonks is only a few months old so she’s still curious kitten. She has a grey coat with gold flecks and a face that’s split between two colours that somehow compliment her lime green eyes. Her multi coloured coat classifies her as a diluted tortie. Tonks’ definitely one of my favourite kittens out of our kitten nursery. I’m the one who named her Nymphadora Tonks and took care of her this summer. So now I…show more content…
About an hour or so later we finally arrived at Claremont. This area of California happened to be located near mountains and forestry. Fairly beautiful but I’m almost certain that the nearest pet store (let alone grocery store) is less than an hour away. Me and my mom decided to take Tonks inside the house while stayed with Puff. I was holding Tonks’ carrier and she was quite heavy. So I set her down attempting to get her all settled, which she did after several minutes. She was in a new place with different smells, so naturally that aroused her curiosity which forced her to explore her surroundings. Over all the the adoption went better than to be expected, that’s always nice. I’m going to miss her though. I’ve taken care of her since she was seven weeks old. Already a bit depressed after our parting I noted that this was for her own good and that I couldn’t have hoped for a better home for her. I walked to the car thinking this over and found myself already holding the door handle. Puff, being the tiny and fluffy kitten that she is, I double checked before I sat down that Puff wouldn’t accidentally die by me sitting on her. Phoenix forbid she’d have to be quiet for the rest of the

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