Personal Narrative: Oats Beyond The Meal

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Oats Beyond the Meal
A lot of preppers websites love to tell you to store grains, and rice, and flour, and salt etc. I noticed that they really don’t give a lot of fact about the foods they recommend. This happens to be my biggest pet peeve of all prepper sites. I am that annoying girl at the front of the class “But why? Why? Why?” Without the facts I don’t really see the point of set aside money on things I never eat or don’t really know the value of.
One of the most recommended grains to store are oats. I grew up in a household that loved oatmeal. I used to get up every day since four grade and cook up a pot of oatmeal for my mom and me. We always ate it the same way, brown sugar and a little bit of milk. Most mornings I would discard half of mine because I’m not really a fan of breakfast and the texture would bother me by the end. I never knew why mom wanted me to eat oatmeal until now.
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It helps lower your cholesterol and your blood sugar so people with type 2 diabetes can manage their blood sugar in a long term survival situation. Adding this healthy meal and beans later in the day should help regulate blood sugar all day long. Fewer medications would have to be used in lowering blood sugar.
When you feed an infant oatmeal (before 6 months) they have a decreased risk of getting childhood asthma. Other studies have said that eating oatmeal improves your overall immune system; they even help your body fight off parasites and fungi along with viruses and bacteria.
Surprisingly enough oats have more protein than brown rice. In each 1 cup serving of oats has 26 grams of protein and 600 calories. The cost per 1 cups serving in a whopping 15¢. This is a meal that is very substantial it will keep you fuller longer and is perfect for preppers to keep in there storage. That being said I know many people to not like to eat
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