Personal Narrative Observation In Children

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MY DIARY 29.02.2016 Related to unit 10.4.1 & 4.2 & 4.3 I have started my day with making ready some paper sheet for students. I used copy machine and guillotine. After that our LO. Was about to use different methods of multiplication. Mrs B started to learn 6 time table. We all did it with using our fingers and after that she asked children to make a poster to show with how many ways they can find the answer with multiplication. For example, number line – factors- inverse and dividing. I explained and supported J & V. Today I have a big project and that is narrative observation and I was looking for a perfect situation to start my observation.…show more content…
I decided to observe R today. I collected my pen and paper and tried to stay close to her while I observed her. That was not easy because of the other children. E asked me what I was doing so I told her it is special work for college. R is sad today and she doesn’t pay attention to the lesson. She tired and sleepy and she puts her head on the table. I asked her what’s wrong R? Are you sick? Why are you upset today? She replied: “something bad happened in my family and my mum always say your brain doesn’t work.” Me and Mrs Rees looked each other and then Mrs Rees said: “It’s not like that and you better pay attention to the lesson and show her how quick you can learn everything.” I said: “I believe that you are very clever. Now come and sit next to me. If you are stuck or straggle I will help you.” R is a dissociable girl, but I noticed when she participate in a group her works are better. Also I noticed that how encouraging words are effective. When she reads a sentence she always lost the line. Today I taught her with using fingers(fine motor) she wouldn’t lost a line or a word any more. I find out when R do her practise alone she hasn’t enough confident. However, when she is with a group she could show her ability

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