Personal Narrative-Oh The Canny Hero

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Oh the canny hero Whilst taking one last look at where the ocean kissed the summer shore ¨With this I went aboard and ordered my crew to follow and loose the cables.¨ For now it would be my turn to flip the tables, Once we touched terra firma, we set up camp at a cliffs edge. "then I ordered the rest of my loyal friends to stay there and guard the ship, while I selected the twelve best men and went forward.¨ The beautiful Laurels and plentiful fruits on the way it was hard to choose. ¨Soon we came to the cave, and found him absent; he was grazing his well-fed flocks in the fields. So we went inside and marveled at its contents.¨ But it wasn as we thought for the great polyphemus was very hot..-headed. ¨Devoid of pity, he was silent in response,

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