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After observing people for a day, numerous uninteresting events occurred; all that I encountered were normalities and met-expectations. That is until a person came over my house to pick up a kitten, causing my sister to react hilariously. My cat recently gave birth to kittens and they were finally mature enough to leave the house. My family and I were not expecting them to leave anytime soon because of the lack of adopters. Today, a woman asked to visit, and possibly take home a kitten. She decided that she wanted to take the girl of the litter; my little sister, Jaeda, reacted unexpectedly. She cried hysterically, although she knew that the kittens would eventually have to leave. She has a flair for the dramatics, and today was no exception.
“I think I’m going to take her home,” the woman said. Before she even finished the sentence, Jaeda groaned, “No!” in a long, theatrical way. In an attempt to console her, my mother told her that she could say goodbye to the cat - a horrible idea. My sister sat on the floor hugging the kitten; to everyone else, it looked more like suffocation.
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When the woman and kitten exited the building my sister grabbed one of the other kittens, laid on the floor, and continued bawling. My family and I found this amusing, as she cries the same way when denied a snack before dinner or a later bedtime. I expect she will be an actress one day, entertaining thousands with her aptitude for the histrionics. An hour later, she was running around and playing again; now I knew for sure it was all an act. There’s just something so amusing about the way she bends her lip, exaggerating her pout until it looks almost comical. On one side of the spectrum, I do not want to see the litter go, while on the other side, I cannot wait until they do. The latter will allow me to witness Jaeda, evoking scenes from soap operas that she’s never watched but has so easily

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