Personal Narrative On A Pilgrimage

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When you choose someone to go on a pilgrimage with you must enjoy that person’s company. You will be spending a lot of time with this person and if you are bickering the whole time you won’t have any fun. So, I took a lot of time to think about who I would like to travel with on the pilgrimage. After long consideration I finally decided that I would be ecstatic to travel with the nun. We will be traveling for a long time and her smile and positive attitude will bring up my spirits after long travel. She also has a beautiful singing voice and could sing me lullabies every night before I go to bed to help me fall asleep. I must get a good night 's rest not to be terribly cranky in the morning. If the singing doesn’t work maybe she can speak her beautiful second language of French to me. The French will also come in handy while traveling so I make sure I buy things reasonably and order the correct food. My biggest pet peeve is people chewing with their mouth open or talking with…show more content…
The man never speaks! We will be traveling for days on end and how terrible it would be to walk in silence. Plus, whenever he does talk it is too intelligent for any of us so he bores us to death. He quotes books in his daily language and most of us can’t read so he may as well be talking gibberish! He lugges around those books and takes up so much space when we are trying to haul items one place to the next. He spends all his money on his books and if anyone touches them or inflicts harm on the books the Oxford Cleric does small devious acts to get back at them. I once saw him knock over someone’s dinner after they stepped on one of his books. Yet, even while knocking over the meal he was respectful to them. He is too devious to try to travel with and spend that much time with. I am so excited for this trip and with God’s luck I will get to travel with the nun and not a moment with the Oxford
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