Personal Narrative On Becoming A Senior

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At the beginning of my senior year summer, I was extremely excited of finally becoming a senior. It 's what I 've always wanted since I first stepped on to Manzano. I 've been anticipating the day that I graduate with all my best friends, and the day I become the first in my family to ever graduate high school. To this day I still get nervous just thinking about it.
At the start of the summer I had two amazing best-friends that were always there for me, they got my mind off of stressful situations. One them was my best-friends that I’ve only known for about six month, and my other best-friend I’ve known for much longer, about three years, but I cared for them a lot, and would of given up anything for them.
As the summer went on I started trying out new things: volunteering at many places, working with new people, and hanging out with the people that I meant along the way. When I so caught in meeting new people and trying new things, I did not even stop to notice that my two best-friends had stopped talking to me. I did not do anything about it.
A few weeks after they stopped talking to me. I started to hear rumors, saying
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This experience of losing people that were “meant to be friends with forever” taught me some new qualities that I acquired. When someone in my life gets upset about me meeting new people or accomplishing new things in my life: it’s because they are not my true friends. Friends soupert the decisions I make when they benefit myself others. This experience also made me realize the things I need to be focusing on: my family, accomplishing my dreams of going to college, and becoming a better person. Losing my friends made me change as a person, I can not blame myself for everything someone else does wrong no matter who they are, everyone is their own person. I also became a more independent person-focusing on the things that will make me succeed: standing up for myself not let people step all over me or make me feel bad. Focus on what is
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