Personal Narrative On Bees

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"Crunch!" I stepped on a stick. I was walking in the forest when I noticed a bee hive. It had hexagon cells and it was buit in a hole in a tree. I had to make an article anout a honey bees so I took a closer look. I saw alot of bees inside. There was about 70,000 bees. They were reddish-brown and had orange-yellow rings on their back. They all had compound eyes. Their head, antennae, and legs are black. I kept looking inside until some worker bees came out. I inspected the worker bee in the sun of the forest.

The worker bee went into a flower and drank some necter. Pollen landed on her back and some was left on the flower. She went back in the hive and did a dance to tell all the other worker bees where to get thier pollen and nectar to make honey. I looked back inside the beehive and saw worker bees taking care of larvae,cleaning the hive, storing pollen, and making honey. The worker bees gave some honey to a larvae ad some jelly to the queen bee. I took out my water bottle and drank some water. Some water spilled on the a worker bee guarding the hive. The bee turned to me with it 's compound eyes and got really angry. It came up to me and stung me! I think that was a sign to go home. After it stung me, it fell to the ground and died. It died because it 's stinger got stuck in my skin. It was very painful!
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I started to walk back home. I took the stinger out of my skin which was even more painful. "I think that 's enough for today." I say to myself. As I reached home, I sat down and watched a nature document on bees. "I think i 'm ready for my article." I say to myself. And because of that discovery, I got a 100% on my
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