Personal Narrative On Disneyland

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It was my first time ever visiting Disneyland. While we were waiting for the ferry my stomach felt like it was was upside down. I felt sick. I had never had a feeling like this. It was the most exciting moment of my entire life. It felt like the ferry was taking as taking hours I couldn’t wait any longer I was bouncing up and down trying to be as patient as I could. Eventually after what seemed like hours the ferry had finally come in there was a slight breeze that blew the ears about on my goofy hat. When the bridge was lowered and the captain gave us permission to board I ran on and went straight upstairs to the front of the boat, I could see it in the distance the Disney castle this got me even more excited which made me start to jump up and down and then my Mickey Mouse sunglasses fell off my face and in to the water my mum shouted at me as I just got the sunglasses but I didn’t let it affect my day as I knew it was going to be one of the greatest days of my life.
Once we got through the front gates I just stopped and it felt like the whole world around me froze it was just the feeling of being there I couldn’t quite believe it, it was just like I got told it was I could smell the freshly made sweet popcorn from the popcorn vans as I walked down the street towards the castle. In the distance I saw a crowd so me and my family walked over to it the crowed broke up a little bit and then we saw it, it was Mickey I ran as fast as I could and hugged him and I remember saying
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