Personal Narrative On Halloween

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How do you picture Halloween? When you think of Halloween, you probably think about candy. Haunted houses. Trick or treating. However, as 8th graders, trick or treating was a little too childish for me and my friends. So, we all decided to “cool it” at my house that afternoon, but I’ll inform you now, that afternoon wasn’t so “cool”. We had decided that we didn’t want to stay at my house, so we walked around some. All of us had a little money to spend, and we wanted drinks and snacks for later in the night. “Why don’t we go to Safeway? I have a Safeway card,” Jade suggested. “That’ll save us a lot of money!” I exclaimed. So we all headed to Safeway: me, Jade, Alexis, Diamond, and Sia. When we got to Safeway, Jade suggested we get into the Safeway cards…show more content…
The next morning, after all my friends went home, I went downstairs to watch TV with my mom. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” she asked. “Yes ma’am,” I responded, “I had a great time with them. Thank you for letting them sleepover.” “That’s good. Now give me your ipod,” she said. With my heart racing, I handed her my ipod. I knew she knew, and I knew i wouldn’t get it back for a while. There’s a lot more punishment I received for the incident, but I won’t get into those details. “Why didn’t you tell me last night? You would have gotten in less trouble if you were honest with me and told me spot on,” she explained. “I knew you would be really mad, and I didn’t want my friends to go home. Hey, how do you know anyways?” I asked. She ignored the question. “You know you can tell my anything. I’m your mom. Of course I would have gotten mad, but the fact that you tried to hide it from me made the problem worse.” Thinking about it, I knew I could tell my mom anything, but I was scared of the consequences. However, I learned my lesson to always show integrity and own up to your actions and

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