Personal Narrative On My First Day Of Chisholm

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C is for Chisholm My first day of school in Chisholm. I was nervous yet very excited, I had met two of my teachers but the others weren 't there so I was in for a surprise. The teachers were all nice and classes were easy, I had to make more friends since the ones I already had, didn 't have any classes with me but that was fine. I wondered around school not remembering were any of my classes where. I had a top locker and I 'm not very tall but I was fine with it, most of the time at least. My locker combination wasn 't very hard but it still took me multiple times to unlock my locker. Most of my classes were fun but the day didn 't go as fast as I thought it would. I mostly sat at tables with girls when it was lunch. I didn 't know a lot
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