Personal Narrative On My First Frontflip

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Awkward and clumsy. This is how 10 year old me was described. Afraid of heights, failing and falling and here I was, standing on a high balance board, staring into a deep foam pit. When my aunt, Nadine, a gymnast teacher came for a visit, I should have expected that she would want to go to a gym. Driving to the gym with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin, I confessed that I didn 't know how to do a frontflip. That was a horrible mistake, even though my first frontflip made me helped me be the person I am today because now I can trust myself, take risks easier, and try again even after failing. Later, after doing simple stretching, my aunt went straight to work. She put her hand on my back and stomach as I attempted over and over to flip. After…show more content…
I was so scared of failing that I couldn’t take that leap. When I came to a conclusion, I decided that whatever happened, I should trust myself to make it. I sped down the trampoline runway, quickly went into position, jumped and made a half-flip into the pit. Doing my first frontflip showed me that If I want to be successful, I need to trust myself more. After a while of racing down the tramp and flipping into the foam, I decided to challenge myself with flipping off of a high balance beam into the pit. I was so afraid of heights, I felt like even if I tried, I would fall and hurt myself. Whether it was slipping and landing face-first or hitting my head on something hard on my way down. With my grace, it would likely be both. Just as the gym was starting to slowly empty, I decided that that was my last chance. I decided to take that risks were what made life so fun, regardless of what happened. I got on the long beam and slowly started to walk faster and faster until I ran out of room, leaped and did a complete flip without getting hurt. Doing my first frontflip taught me that I needed to learn to take risks easier because that’s what life 's all

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