Personal Narrative On Roller Coasters

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Up until I was 12 years old I was absolutely terrified of roller coasters but during the summer before sixth grade I decided to face that fear. I stood on the sidewalk in front of the monstrous blue object with carts speeding back and forth. I heard the screams of many people as they fell towards the ground. The cart sped above me making a roaring sound. The water sprayed up behind them as the ride was finishing. All of a sudden everything closed in around me and all I could do is stare at the people going down. I was terrified of the roller coaster.

I was standing in front of the roller coaster with fear in my eyes. My face felt like I was on fire yet it was a pale shade of blue. I felt my heart drop as I got in the line. I saw the people in front of me get on the coaster. They had smiles on their faces as the restraints came down. Meanwhile, I was freaking out in line. I was afraid of the coaster getting stuck or falling to the ground. I stepped on to the coaster in the third row and sat in the middle seat with my parents on each side of me. “ Keep all hands and feet inside the coaster and have a good ride”, said the announcer. Finally we were moving. It was slow as we
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I decided to ride a few more roller coasters that weren’t as intense and I realized they were fun. Riding less intense rollercoasters helped me see how the actual experience of riding was because I passed out on The Griffin. I then realized I loved feeling the wind blow through my hair. I loved screaming with fifteen other people as I went down hills and around loops. Although they still gave me bad anxiety and made my heart drop every time but I learned to get over that part and enjoy the good parts. I was ecstatic to get over my fear of roller coasters. Riding roller coasters make me feel like I am on top of the world, it is so
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