Personal Narrative On Suicide

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"SHAWN MOM SAID TO WAKE UP! WE'RE LEAVING IN AN TWO HOURS!" My little sister screamed from the other side of the door. Oh shit, I forgot we are going back home today. "Aaliyah I'm up!" I yelled back.

The door opened and in came my sister. "Hey Shawn what does suicide mean?" I did a double take. "Wait... What? Where is this coming from?"

She shoved her Ipad in my face. "I logged into your old email account, and saw that some girl named Harmony emailed you saying that it's your fault her friend attempted suicide." Aaliyah said innocently. "Who the hell gave you permission to invade my privacy?!" Her face fell. "I am sorry, I didn't mean it. Can you leave me alone so I can look at this?" She solemnly nodded and left the room.

I clicked on the first email.
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Fuck you. It's all your fucking fault. After that day, you left her in pieces. I am writing this to you, as I am currently sitting in a hospital waiting room. Why, you may ask? I'm at the hospital , hoping that my friend is okay- while she is lying on a hospital bed, fighting for her life. If it wasn't clear enough. You're the reason why Ember attempted suicide. My best friend tried to kill herself because of you.

I dropped the ipad on the floor. Tears poured from my eyes. Flashbacks replayed in my mind, memories that I tried so hard to forget. I don't know why I agreed to it, that stupid bet. My friends dared me to lure Ember into the closet and get her to tell me her
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