Personal Narrative On The Shack

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This is Steven Fields. Former G4S Officer from the West Chester office. I was scheduled at 2 pm Wednesday(Dec 3rd) afternoon. Once I entered the shack I was confronted immediately by Scott. Without warning He said take that laptop back to your car. In an angry voice. I had a my carrying case with my tablet inside of it. So I responded oh really? Since you are going to micro manage me. Don 't leave your shift before I have even clocked it. This is happened numerous times. He did it yesterday(Dec 2nd) when he lift early when I came to relieve him. Ask the new guy Tim who was in training both days. Over the past 2 months. I have worked the overnight shifts on the weekends. 10 pm to 6 am. After a few times. I noticed what Scott was doing. As I come in early before my shift. He leaves the shack before I am even ready for my shift to check the traitors around the plant. Several times I eat my dinner. at that time and i 'm interrupted by him just leaving to check them before i 'm on the clock.…show more content…
Just over 2 weeks ago I purposely come in around my scheduled time. About 15 mins early. So I could eat my dinner and listen to the radio in the parking lot. As I get ready to walk in the shack at my scheduled time. I see him walking toward the trailers with him shaking his head. When He got back to the shack I said why did you leave you post no one else was in the shack. His response was "I got things to do". I told Site supervisor Officer Mike Lind on what had

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