Operation Fire Iguana Analysis

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Operation “Fire Iguana” “Are you sure this is the one?” “I’m positive, he has the greatest track record in the agency, if he can’t do it, no one can” “You’re really willing to put your neck out this far for this guy” “He’s the only racially ambiguous Mexican man in the CIA that I trust. Of course I believe he can do it. As a recipient of the Purple heart, medal of honor, Distinguished Intelligence Cross, the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, and the Presidential award for P.E, he should be the most qualified for this type of mission.” “Well, if he’s your choice, then “Operation DokI Doki” has the green light, have him briefed and ready to deploy in the next 48 hours. I hope you made the right choice, commander.” Three days and a 10…show more content…
I rushed to the exit as best I could, but my legs gave out halfway there. I attempted to crawl away from the burning building and made it halfway across the hall before a random log came crashing down and pinned me to the floor. I tried to push it off me, but it was scalding hot. I had just given up before I heard a voice cry out from near the exit. “Scoobert Doobert! Where are you?” the voice cried. “There he is! Don’t worry, I got you.” “Is that you David?” I replied. “Of course.” he said as he came up to me, seeing the beam that pinned me down. “What's the point of all those push ups if you can’t lift a bloody log?” He lifted it off me, and we rushed to the exit. We descended from the building and David, the agent who was supposed to help me escape the building in the first place, got a call over the radio, stating that Justin was caught as he tried to escape and he was waiting for my arrival. We disembarked from the elevator and exited onto the lower roof, which was one of the untouched areas from the earlier explosions. Peering over the ledge, I saw two US army soldiers holding a man in place, with a bag over his head. “Thats him,” David said. “Take this Sniper and take the shot” “Are you sure that is Justin, and his identity was confirmed?” “Yeah, just shoot him” he said as I aimed my
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