Personal Narrative: Oppression Of Women

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As long I can recollect, my household was run by a male figure, asserting his ascendancy in an endeavor to repress the female in my family. My father embedded this double standard between the boys and girls. Since my parents were raised in El Salvador, they had only known a patriarchal run society where women were repressed and belittled in their own home. My sisters and I weren’t sanctioned to do what my brothers were allowed to do. Growing up, we weren’t allowed to show our arms or our legs. My parents had this paralyzing fear we were going to have premarital sex which would lead to pregnancy. I learned when I got older that this notion of patriarchy did not only exist in my home but in my belief system. My parents would try to convince me…show more content…
Every Christian knows the creation story in Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve. Most of them made the mistake of taking that story literally. Eve was made from the rib of Adam, therefore made from Adam and for Adam. It vilifies woman saying that they belong to men. I especially see this oppression in many Hispanic relationships where men carry this sense of machismo towards their women. My mother was asked by my father to leave her job and so that she could direct all her attention to take care of all nine of us, and he never once brought up if he should leave his job since to him, that was a woman’s task. Eve was the one who was tempted by the serpent, Eve eats fruit from the forbidden tree and persuades Adam to do so. As a result, they are cast out of paradise; pain, sickness, and death enter the world, and God makes Eve subject to her husband. Since I attended a catholic all childhood and adolescent years I was edified this perpetually so to have the students understand it. From what I could grasp, Adam was the head of the human race, and if Eve had failed to persuade him, she alone would have eaten the apple, so it would not have lead to the fall of human nature. This was painfully sexist because they hold even accountable, but does that make have power over Adam. If the truly believed this myth doesn’t that make Adam submissive to Eve’s wants. No, instead men choose to blame it all on Eve since they wanted to repress woman. Even witnessing what is currently is happening around the world woman are still seen as inferior to men and the church does not help to abolish that belief. A woman cannot become a priest, a bishop, a cardinal, and especially not a pope. The only female figure Christians have to look up to is Mary, and even she was not born divine, but instead a human chosen by God, and waited to be incarnated to the Virgin Mary. A plethora of the most consequential figures of our faith are in fact
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