Personal Narrative-Oppression Of Women In Movies

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I slugged down my fourth shot in about 10 minutes, the bourbon going down hard and fiery down my throat. The stale smell of cigarette smoke and spilled beer wafting into my nostrils, I rubbed my hand through my hair. What a day it had been. Setting my glass down, I motioned for the bartender to fill it up again. He walked hesitantly over to me, the question of if I had had enough hanging on his lips and yet no words coming as he was about to say it. I watched him refill the glass and then picked it up in my hand, examining its brownish qualities, the liquor sloshing around slightly in the smudged glass. It looked small and frail in my hand, and I could crush it if I wanted to I suppose, but that would just bring on startled glances and questions…show more content…
Things were not making sense, no matter how much I replayed them in my mind. Why were these women being so used like this and perhaps more importantly, why did they allow themselves to be? There had to be a reasonable explanation; there always was, at least if movies had taught me anything at all. And here I was smack dab in the middle of the place of dreams, getting my OWN movie made. Strangely though, life felt more bizarre than any piece of fiction I had ever seen on…show more content…
After spending a mostly sleepless night on the couch, I was groggy and yet still decidedly firm in the decision I had come to last night, lying there awake, staring at the ceiling. I had to know what was going on, or at least find out as much more as I could, without seeming too nosy or obvious. The likely source for this had at first seemed to be Gordon Hapsboro, studio owner Wilton Willis ' head assistant, but chances are he probably knew too much and would get suspicious if I started questioning. So I crossed off names mentally down the Antamount food chain and had landed on Jack Furrow and Brandon Shuman, the two guys who were overseeing the script and producing my film for Antamount. They might not know everything that was going on behind the scenes at the studio, but they could at least help in putting a lot of my fears to rest and convince me that I was just

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