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On Thursday 12/16/16 at 2201 hours I contacted Johnson by phone. Johnson was very upset that a Police report had not been taken, and when I explained I had read the previoud calls that stated she had given the male permission to take the vehicle, Johnson being screaming at me so loudly I could not understand what she was saying. After a few moments Johnson began speaking in a normal tone and explained to me she never gave the male permission to take her vehicle. Johnson told me on Wednesday 12/14/16 at about 0200 hours she was with her friend Julie Prunty in Tacoma. Johnson told Prunty indroduced her to a male, and her and the male drove to her residence (Johnson 's residence). Prunty stated she was giving the male a ride home to an unknown…show more content…
Prunty stated she tried to get a hold of the male, but he had not be able to. Prunty told me she had the male 's name and number written down at home, but she was not currently there. Prunty told me she would call me back at a later time, unknown when, and provide the name and phone number. At this time I have not been contacted by Prunty. I called Jonhson back, and asked her about telling Prunty she had let the male borrow her vehicle, and if that was the case, her vehicle was not stolen. Johnson again began screaming at me so loud I could not understand her, and I heard a thud as if she had thrown her phone and the line disconnected. On Thursday 12/15/16 at 2248 hours, Johnson called 911 and requested to speak with a Patrol Sgt because she was upset a stolen report had not been taken. Patrol Sgt. A. Clapp spoke with Johnson, and determined that because Johnson 's vehicle had not been recovered or brought back to her, Auburn Police would enter it as stolen. I contacted Jonhson at her residence, where I obtained a video statement from her using my department cell phone. I later copied the statement to the
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