Personal Narrative: Orlando

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“Are we there yet?” my annoying brother asked. “No,” my dad replied. “We still have a while to go.” We were on our way to Universal Studios in Orlando.
It was my brother Matthew, my mom, my dad and I . After riding in the car for hours, we got to the hotel. My dad and I unloaded all the stuff out of the car. We waited on the elevator and listened to the music, we were on the 14th floor! I flew through the room to call dibs on the top bunk. I looked out the window with Matthew and saw a colossal water slide. We got our bathing suits on and zoomed down to the pool like rockets. Our parents came down soon. We swam for hours and hours until our fingers looked like wizened raisins. We got dressed and ready to go out to Kobes for dinner. Our
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